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CoControl has been designed with your landlord to specifically be aligned with your family’s needs – balancing both your heating budget and the comfort of your home.


My home has continued to be just as warm as before but I know I’m using less fuel because my monthly payments have gone down by £25 ... and it’s made me think about the environmental impact of wasted energy.

tabatha crosby


what is CoControl?

CoControl is a heating control and system. It has been co-designed specifically with landlords such as yours to help provide you the comfiest home and change the way you use your heating to save money. Unlike existing smart thermostats, CoControl’s ‘fit and forget’ solution has been designed with a two-button comfort remote to intuitive set your heating around your comfort needs.


Saving money by changing how you manage your heating over time


Enabling your landlord to improve your family’s well-being


Helping you maintain a warm and comfy home


for householders

how it works

CoControl in your home

Your landlord will initiate the process by purchasing a CoControl unit. We will contact you at home beforehand to explain what we need from you, and hear what settings work and don’t work for you. We will use your feedback to personalise your device, and explain how you can control settings both with the remote and our app.

Together with your landlord, we help you to improve your family's wellbeing.

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what can you expect?

All installations will be carried out by an approved contractor, and disruptions will be minimal. It is anticipated installations will take no longer than 60 minutes per property. Rest assured that you can always go back to your existing heating controls should you want to.