CoControl is revolutionising the way you improve your tenants’ 
wellbeing through data

The social impact proposition offered by CoControl is unique in comparison to their competitors, and the information generated by CoControl will help us to deliver increased value to our customers.

andy merrin

Head of Energy & Innovation, Engie Group

socially focused smart heating

CoControl provides Europe’s first heating control and social metrics system, which is tailored specifically to the needs of social housing providers and their tenants, many of whom are living in a state of fuel poverty. CoControl is now live in the UK.


Heating and humidity data that you can easily monitor across your properties online


Constantly monitoring heating when you are busy is difficult so CoControl does the work for you

intervention targeting

The significant increase in data about homes enables improved targeting for future interventions

cost effective

The device is low-cost compared to competitors with significant value through additional services

easy to use

Intuitive and a one-stop easy-to-visualise system to assess tenant and building fabric wellbeing

how it works

for landlords

improve your tenants' lives

The system has been designed to ensure simplicity. Algorithmic analysis of the received data is used to identify existing or developing problems within the building or the living environment, allowing proactive intervention to be planned and actioned.

how do you measure the social impact
of your investments?

We can provide evidence of impact while improving the wellbeing of your tenants

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A sample of our partnered landlords.

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